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More About VPS Hosting

VPS, short from Virtual Private Server is a web service that one may need mostly in case they require uninterrupted internet connection and power supply. These two are hard to achieve using your home computer, or at least you do not want your home computer to be occupied 100% of the time.

SEO professionals do use a lot of VPS hosting for their campaigns as well as Forex traders who need their trading software to be hosted on a reliable server, where internet and power supply will be uninterrupted at all times.

Some activities require Windows based VPS hosts, others Linux ot other OS. Nevertheless, when checking the parameters of the service you are offerred, always aim to have more bandwidth, better processor(s), more diskspace and full administrators rights.

Reasons to opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

Your website has been hosted so far on a shared hosting plan and you believe that you have outgrown the plan? You have already considered renting a dedicated server, but it seems too heavy to cope with in terms of cost and maintenance? In such a situation a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best option for you.

General Hosting Scenario

Nowadays, the hosting plans are generally divided into three main categories – shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting and Virtual Private Servers. Shared hosting services let you share the server resources such as CPU, RAM, storage space with other websites because these sites share the server disk space with yours. A dedicated server is absolutely dedicated to your website alone and you have all the previously mentioned resources for your website. This means a dedicated server is an expensive solution for web hosting unless you own a large website with big databases.

You may want to choose something which is neither shared web hosting nor dedicated web hosting, but possesses most of the benefits of these options. VPS is definitely something you will need to consider. With a VPS you get own disk space and RAM. Unlike shared hosting it uses the same CPU for a number of websites, so what is shared on a VPS is the CPU and not the disk space like with shared web hosting.

Characteristics of a Virtual Private Server

The main features of Virtual Private Server are:

  • Shared CPU. As we have already mentioned, unlike shared web hosting VPS works on the concept of shared CPU.
  • Dedicated RAM and disk storage space. This is the feature which makes VPS hosting be the chain between dedicated hosting and shared hosting.
    • You can have dedicated storage space on the server along with RAM.
  • Customization is allowed at server level because the RAM and disk space are not shared. Customization would attribute to more disk space on the server, but in VPS this is not the case.
  • Pre- installation of any software varies with the service provider.
  • Technical support offered will also vary depending upon the features offered in the VPS hosting plan.

Fast Virtual Private Server

Because of the shared processor, VPS may have speed issues. Yet, in the web hosting business, all kinds of measures are taken to please the clients and they are offered many ways to help VPS upkeep its speed.

VPS is not obligatory slower than shared hosting either; it is just that you need it to give yourself a better chance.

There are many different ways to achieve fast speed of VPS. Some web hosting providers offer you technologies at low price to make VPS financially attractive. An example of such a technology is SSD.

Virtual Private Server with SSD

The performance of a VPS in terms of speed might be improved by using a Solid State Drive (SSD). Solid state drive is a device which contains no disk of any kind; it is a device in which data is stored using integrated circuit. These integrated circuits serve as a memory for data accumulation.

There are two types SSD interfaces:

  • Traditional/block (I/O) hard disk drives: Enables simple type of replacement in common application.
  • SATA express: Helps keeping up speed advancements in SSD.

Cached SSD

As you have probably started to understand by now, virtual private servers are the option between shared web hosting and dedicated servers in terms of speed and budget of course. In order to make up the speed of VPS cached SSD is the best option which is used by reputable web hosting service providers.

Full Virtual Private Server control panel

VPS control panel helps to monitor server node very closely. It delivers the detailed statistics of nodes. It does record all the activities related services and it reports all of it via admin interface. The functionality of VPS control panel varies greatly with every individual service provider.

Resource Usage of Virtual Private Server in detail

You will be able to see the exact usage of account in order for the VPS to optimize the performance. With this information you can gauge whether you should be implementing extra measures for the VPS speed.

SSD cached stored array

SSD RAID 10 arrays

  • These come along with lightning speed and assure you of pure SSD storage. They serve you with more space and store data in a RAID 10 SSD array.

Technical Support

Fast and precise technical support is a must these days when offering a web hosting service.

While choosing the VPS host, you should pay attention to the quality of technical support provided in terms of fast response, ticket system, languages offered, channels of communication acceptable (e-mail, phone, skype).

Trial period or money back guarantee

While assessing any service to be provided, it is fair on the service provider’s part to give some trial period for getting acquainted with service provided. When choosing a VPS you simply must insist on a trial period. If the service provider is not ready to provide the trial period, money back guarantee should be provided in order for the buyer to be safe in case of any risk.


Your website means your business, the whole exercise of choosing the right VPS provider is to increase the usability of your website, increasing user visits. It is important to choose the VPS provider or the web hosting provider having 99.99% uptime. Every move you make in terms of web hosting matters as your website is the means of making your business reach to browsers, visitors and buyers.

What is “Dedicated Server Hosting”?

The preferred way to store video files, high resolution image files, or online community websites is a dedicated server. You might also prefer dedicated hosting for a high traffic ecommerce website that has hundreds of thousands of daily page-loads. Large SEO campaigns are launched via a Dedicated server as a must.

Dedicated hosting means that you are actually renting a whole server and you have full control over it, you can customize the server in both hardware and software structure.